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Book Titles.

  1. Against The Odds:Battles At Sea 1591-1949
  2. A Heritage of Ships
  3. A World Too Vast: The Four Voyages Of Columbus
  4. Black Saturday
  5. Caen: Anvil of Victory
  6. Death Raft
  7. Dresden 1945: The Devil`s Tinderbox
  8. El Alamein:Ultra And Three Battles
  9. Farming The Sea
  10. From Merciless Invaders
  11. Gordon of Khartoum
  12. History Under The Sea
  13. How We Found the Mary Rose
  14. H.M.S. Bounty
  15. Ice Crash, Strike from the Sky
  16. Into The Blue
  17. King Henry VIII's Mary Rose
  18. Race For The Rhine Bridges
  19. Strike From The Sky
  20. Tarquin`s Ship
  21. The Coal Scuttle Brigade
  22. The Friendless Sky
  23. The Golden Wreck
  24. The Mosquito Log
  25. The Queen`s Corsair
  26. Vimy Ridge
Mary Rose Special Branch 0551

"Mad Mac's Marauders and digging on a shoestring."

Here follows a quotation from Alexander McKee OBE's book 'How we found the Mary Rose' -

"We had no money, no boats, no machinery, no permission. We had nothing. Except a small enthusiastic team of true volunteers, willing not merely to work without pay at weekends, but prepared to pay out of their own pockets to do so. Without them, nothing further could have been done and the Mary Rose would today lie silent and forgotten in her four-and-a-half centuries old grave under the seabed."

Here follows part of the Acknowledgements from Alexander McKee OBE's book 'How we found the Mary Rose' -

"During the years 1965 to 1978, we were still a small and mostly local organisation, at least a thousand people helped us in one way or another. I should like to thank them all en bloc, for there are too many to name. Above all, my gratitiude must go to that tiny, dedicated minority who stayed with the project for year after year of unrewarding, unregarded effort. Most of us are still together as the Mary Rose Special Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, diving for clues to other sites offshore which may one day rank with the Mary Rose."

Alexander McKee passed away aged 72 in in 1992 but return again to read the stories of some of the people who were there.

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